Kaleidoscope Catalogue Review

Bad credit? Buy now and pay later with Kaleidoscope!
Does the idea of shopping make you nervous because of your poor credit history? Do you struggle to find catalogues and websites to buy products though because you had an unfortunate experience with late payments in the past? If your credit is less than perfect, shopping can be extremely stressful. But there’s good news – you have the option to shop using bad credit catalogues.

Shoppers in the UK with bad credit have a wide variety of these bad credit catalogues available to them. You can shop for anything you may want or need, either online or through their sent home catalogue. Kaleidoscope, a catalogue for women, offers a myriad of products with a number of payment options, including buy now pay later.

Kaleidoscope makes it as easy as possible for shoppers, particularly those with poor credit. Available in this catalogue is everything from women’s clothing to home and lifestyle products like bedding, curtains, rugs, and other décor accessories. Also lingerie and nightwear, shoes and boots, outerwear, and even a variety of electricals.

Not only is Kaleidoscope a bad credit catalogue, it is also a buy now pay later catalogue. When you sign up for a Personal Account, if you are approved, you will be given several different payment options. You can pay the full cost of your purchases through direct debit to avoid any interest charges, or you can spread the cost of any purchases that you make in a way that best suits you and your particular financial needs.

Managing your account and submitting payments couldn’t be easier. Once you are approved, you will be able to set up a credit account with the catalogue. After setting up a payment plan with an established minimum monthly payment, you will then receive reminders each month about your payments. You must make the minimum payment each month, but you do also have the option of paying more when you have the finances available, to speed up the process and improve your financial relationship with the catalogue. Everything is available to you on the Kaleidoscope website, so you can manage your Personal Account and make and view payments by using the safe and secure website twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

And the even better news: the longer you shop with bad credit catalogues like Kaleidoscope, the more opportunities you will have to improve your poor credit score. As long as you consistently make your payments on time each month, your credit will gradually improve, little by little, every month. This new trust that you build with the catalogue and improved credit score could make it easier for you to apply and be approved for credit elsewhere in the future. So not only are you buying quality products at reasonable prices, you are working towards less stressful shopping experiences for yourself in the future!